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Enterprise Outsourcing

Lower costs and get IT staff focused on the projects you need to complete

Comprehensive management of an organization’s systems, business processes, staffing and leadership results in standardized operations, simplified governance, and operational efficiencies – all of which create real cost savings. Fineedge Enterprise Outsourcing allows organizations to capitalize on an outsourcing methodology – and serve their customers more effectively – that enables more effective administration, management, and measurement of business key performance indicators (KPIs).

Focused on client objectives while seeking to reduce overall operating costs, Fineedge Enterprise Outsourcing leverages a broad spectrum of dedicated/shared managed services, technology experts, and program management methodologies.

Additional cost savings attained through Fineedge Enterprise Outsourcing result from:

  • Reduced redundancy costs
  • Cost maintenance and budgeting
  • Mapping IT to performance matrixes
  • Consolidated vendor management

Fineedge Enterprise Outsourcing improves IT workforce performance through its U.S. based experts leveraging an ITIL-based advanced ITSM-focused process.